Our Handmade Jewelry

Made with Purpose in St. Louis

Forai jewelry is ethically handmade by empowered refugee and immigrant women rebuilding their lives in St. Louis. Each timeless piece is designed to reflect the strength and courage of our artisans.

Forai artisans make jewelry you can reach for every day.

Forai Handmade Small Batch Jewelry Process

Forai Small Batch Jewelry Making Process

Step 1: Unique Design
Develop new designs and sustainably source raw materials

Step 2: Skill-Building
Sample and tutorial created. The jewelry team is equipped with the new design.

Step 3: Home-Based Work
Forai artisans make jewelry at home - allowing the flexibility to care for children and families while earning much-needed income.

Step 4: Fair Made, Fair Paid
Artisans turn in their finished work, earning a fair and punctual wage.

Step 5: From Artisans to You
Each piece of jewelry is quality-checked before it’s ready for you! Proceeds from every purchase are invested back into artisan empowerment.

Step 6: Hope is a Beautiful Thing!
Forai jewelry is handmade for those who make intentional choices for the jewelry they wear.


Thank you for wearing jewelry made by Forai’s refugee women artisans! Our Circles of Unity jewelry in gold or silver is a great place to begin celebrating their strength and yours while honoring our shared humanity.

Jewelry Care Instructions

To best care for your Forai jewelry, polish it with a simple polishing cloth for extra shine and sparkle. We also suggest you store jewelry of the same tone (silver with silver and gold with gold).