Give Stock

Empower refugee women with a stock donation.

We are using Stock Donator to receive donations of stock. They offer two options for donating stock, simply select Forai, Inc for the Organization Name:


NOTE regarding DTC Transfers: The paper form has 2 options. The donor selects one of the two options and then emails the form with the relevant information completed to The first option on this form requires the donor to initiate the stock transfer with their brokerage. The benefit of option 1 is that it allows the donor to simply notify us of the transfer without giving us any of their personal account information. Some people who are very sensitive to privacy issues prefer that option. The second option on this form has Stock Donator taking care of initiating the transfer with the organization, but that option will require the donor to provide information about their account to start the process.

Please note that if the paper form is used it is VERY IMPORTANT that a copy of the form is sent to so we know how to process the stock donations when they come to us, correctly matching the donation to the right organization when we receive the donation.